Life Premium Fund, SPC - In Official Liquidation


A winding up order was made in relation to Life Premium Fund, SPC (the "Company") on 6 March 2015 ("The Order"). In accordance with the provisions of the Order, David Griffin and Andrew Morrison (FTI Consulting (Cayman) Ltd) were appointed as Joint Official Liquidators with effect from the date of the Order.

The Liquidators intend to give notice of a meeting of creditors and/or investors within the 28 days of their appointment. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  1. provide an update on the status of the liquidation; and
  2. elect a liquidation committee of creditors and/or investors (“Committee”).

Formal notification of the meeting will be sent you in due course and you will have the opportunity to attend or be represented at the meeting.  A report of the Liquidators’ progress and initial findings in the liquidation will be circulated in advance of and discussed at the meeting. Creditors and/or investors will have the opportunity to ask questions at the meeting.


The affairs, business and property the Company are being managed by the swiss high-quality replica watches Joint Official Liquidators, David Griffin and Andrew Morrison. The Joint Official Liquidators act as agent of the Company without personal liability. The information on this website is intended to provide a general overview of the status of the liquidation of the Company. The contents of this website are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice to investors, creditors or any other party. Investors, creditors and other interested parties are advised to seek independent advice. The Joint Official Liquidators accept no responsibility for unauthorised use of the information on this durable fake breitling watches uk website or any consequences that may arise from such unauthorised use.